Business Franchise

Golden Opportunity to partner with OASIS Group for those who are willing to initiate their own business in educational Sector

1)  We are looking for Franchisees at different locations in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
2) OASIS was established in the year 2013 with the visualization to be among the top 10 National education bringer contributing entire services to   the  students for gratifying their dreams.
3) OASIS was founded with an intention to confer superiority education and instruction in a different, pioneering and gracious learning environment
in the exigent field of Competitive & Government Exams preparation.
4) OASIS is managed by the professional team that worked day in and day out for the course structure, study material and teaching methodology.

Salient Features

1) Opportunity to use OASIS brand name
2) Low Investment & More Return
3) Complete Course Material Support
4) Free Assistance for Selecting New Faculty Members
5) Free Guidance to New Staff and Faculty
6) Free Seminars on Institutional Development Activities
7) Guidance of Marketing and Promotions
8) Free Website Assistance
9) Genuine Commitments with Our New Partner

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